Copenhagen Cooking

Copenhagen Cooking is one of the biggest food festivals in Northern Europe. It is a celebration of the love of food, seasonal produce and high quality mixed together. The winter edition takes place in February, and visitors have a whole month to discover Danish flavours at this festival that profiles Danish gastronomy by paying homage to its food culture, Nordic cuisine and the major players on the gastronomic stage.

The festival program is divided into several categories all offering a plethora of gastronomic experiences and knowledge suitable for everyone’s taste: “Taste of emotion” provides dining experiences for all senses; “Seasonal Nordic” highlights the pleasures of winter Nordic products and ingredients; “Green Revolution” uncovers how our eating habits affect our health; “Food for children” introduces kids to the culinary art; and “Copenhagen yards” provides a journey highlighting the culinary gems outside the Capital City.

Copenhagen Cooking offers visitors the perfect chance to sample the best of new Nordic cuisine and it’s also a unique time to discover the city in a different way. The festival encompasses a large number of events including street stands and pop-up kitchens in the metro while other events offer a rare chance to watch what happens behind the scenes or to meet the chefs.

Event October 2019

South Tyrolean Bread and Strudel Festival

Since 2003 the South Tyrolean Bread and Strudel Festival has been offering a vast variety of freshly baked bread and original South Tyrolean apple strudel. 20 bakeries and pastry shops offer local specialties from all areas of the region. The visitors have the opportunity to gain insight into the baking tradition of South Tyrol and to enjoy numerous delicacies made from local products in one of South Tyrol’s most beautiful squares, the cathedral square of Bressanone/Brixen.

Event August 2019

Madeira Wine Festival

This ancient Madeira wine making tradition, annually promoted in the local village of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos, combines various cultural activities with wine making rituals, such as the picking of the grapes, the carrying of grapes to the press and other traditions related to a typical Madeira feast, which are fully enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. At the same time, there are a variety of activities and entertainment taking place in downtown Funchal and connected with folklore and the traditional wine-making process.