Siguiendo el cauce del río

Europe’s rivers are famous worldwide. His iconic names like the Seine, the Rhine, the Danube or the Thames inspire people to travel along their banks and visit the famous towns they pass. River cruises are an easy and spectacular way to travel around Europe rather than by car or other transport.

The riverside town of Marseillan in France is home to quaint shops and full of fish.

No matter what the expectations of the trip, cruises always manage to fulfill them. The options for travel throughout Europe through them are truly endless. You can make different types of tours full of adventure as are the wine tours in Luxembourg or set in World War II by Burgundy and Picardy in France activities.

The view of the d'Orsay Museum in Paris is one of the best along the Seine.

The highlight of the cruise will reach the destination city and to wander through its streets. In Germany, you can visit the traditional Christmas markets with their festive atmosphere and many colored lights. Travel by the Thames and stop off in London, Windsor and Eton for shopping through the streets. You never know who eclectic souvenirs can be found in the charming river towns in Europe.

The Rhine river carving-through some of the historic castles full of historical places of Germany.

You’ll enjoy a different style of riding the cruise Royal Crown, a luxury ship sailing along the channels of the Netherlands and Belgium. Give yourself the pleasure of enjoying a romantic boat ride on the Seine with magnificent views of the Eiffel Tower and the most emblematic of Paris, before disappearing for its wonderful monuments streets.

A river cruise is ideal for a group trip with friends or family. In some destinations you can even rent your own boat and relax on the sun deck while savoring dishes from each area or makes a stop in any bank to go horse riding or perform many other river and onshore activities.

Some tips to consider while traveling