Cruising through Europe’s Winding Rivers

Europe’s rivers are famous throughout the world. The Seine. The Rhine. The Danube. The Douro. The Thames. These iconic names alone inspire people from around the globe to travel along Europe’s winding rivers and visit the port cities that stand proudly among them. River cruises are an easy and scenic way to travel through Europe without renting a car or navigating various public transit systems.
The riverside city of Marseillan in France is home to quaint shopping and plenty of fishing.
The riverside city of Marseille in France is home to quaint shopping and plenty of fishing.
No matter what your travel purposes are, river cruises have a way to fulfill them. If you’re looking for a themed river adventure, European cruise companies offer wine-themed sailings throughout Luxembourg and Portugal, golf-themed adventures through Ireland and England, and even a World War I–themed cruise along Burgundy and Picardy in France. The options are truly endless.
The view of the Musée d'Orsay Museum in Paris is one of the best along the Seine.
The view of the Musée d’Orsay Museum in Paris is one of the best along the Seine.
Perhaps the best part of cruising is docking along different cities and towns to explore the area. Sail through the heart of Germany during the holidays and visit the German Christmas Markets with lights and traditional flair. Journey along the river Thames on the Magna Carta and hop off in London, Windsor, Eton and other villages for antiquing. Purchase authentic European art in the fishing ports of Marseillan and Argeliers in Southern France or the historical town of Pezenas in Italy. You never know what eclectic souvenirs you will find along Europe’s charming port cities.

Travel in style on one of Europe’s popular luxury cruises. Charter a vacation on the Royal Crown, a luxury riverboat that sails along the Dutch Waterways of The Netherlands and Belgium. Treat yourself to a romantic cruise down the Seine and snuggle up next to a loved one as you pass by the streets of Paris and famous sites such as Monet’s home and gardens.
Many of Europe’s river cruises accommodate large groups and families. Charter your own barge and relax with sunbathing in the South of France, five-course meals from your own personal chef in Italy, and frequent stops for activities such as horseback riding, water sports and tennis in Ireland.

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