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The thermal baths of Europe invite you to relax in a unique setting. Both the ancient baths and modern resorts offer the perfect opportunity to unwind and relax in natural waters with specialized treatments.

 Historical experience.  Relaxing in Bath, England.

Why spas and resorts are part of European culture? It all goes back to Roman times, when the hot springs became the most popular way to purify the body and soul.

 The thermal pools of Pamukkale in Turkey are so relaxing to watch as much as the experience of bathing in them.

In Bath, England, they are the ruins of a famous Roman baths. At present, it can be accessed, along with a unique experience between jets, bubbles, spa treatments or a dip in the historical pool beside a Celtic original shrine. In Germany, Baden-Baden is home to a hot spring discovered by the Romans. Today, it has a Belle-Epoque style has many treatments and spring waters.

Finnish saunas have an interesting history. They were built to refresh the mind and body and serve as a meeting point for local people. Today there are about thirteen million spas and saunas throughout Finland.

Immerse yourself in the warm waters of the thermal bath Budapest Széchenyi Thermal Bath (Hungary), one of the largest thermal centers in Europe. While enjoying the swirling bubbles or try massage showers, marvel at the neo-baroque art fills the walls. To end with a flourish, enjoy the light show and live music known as Cinetrip offered by this spa.

 The Blue Lagoon is one of the Most Serene scenery of Iceland.

In Turkey, you can take a break in Pamukkale, a hot spring with swimming pools at different temperatures and different minerals. Before leaving, take a look at the terraces from a distance to see the famous panoramic view of the pools of Pamukkale that resemble be a huge cotton field. If you just want to relax while enjoying beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, stop at the Kempinski spa located on the island of Gozo in Malta. Finally, do not miss the Blue Lagoon in Iceland , a geothermal plant ideal for relaxation surrounded by spectacular volcanic landscape.

There are some truly comprehensive European vacation without a visit to some of its hot springs, spas or baths. Her skin, body and soul will feel more alive after this experience also rejuvenate your spirit of adventure.

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