Celebrando la cultura europea

The best way to experience the culture of a country is attending one of their traditional festivals. See how the inhabitants of each region celebrate their culture with dances, music, art and unique dishes. A multitude of activities and events to enjoy the traditions of each culture are waiting for you.

The variety of European festivals is huge. Many of them are made in the center of the largest cities, others with a more traditional style choose to reward with their heritage and hospitality of the smaller rural communities.

A large number are engaged in music or art such as the Venice Biennale , but most of them offer very good cultural offerings ..

Enjoy a wide variety of art, music and film at the Venice Biennale.

The Lithuanian Song and Dance Festival

This festival is held every four years. For five days, ten thousand singers, dancers and popular actors involved in it. It is a great celebration of Lithuanian heritage whose climax a party in which everyone present sing-alongs.

Mevlana Whirling Dervishes Festival

This festival is celebrated in Turkey in December. It aims to beat the crowds as it is much smaller. At the same event you can visit the Museum Complex Mvlana and marvel at the stunning gardens and architecture.

Shuerfouer Festival

It is one of the festival ‘s oldest, founded by the Count of Luxembourg in 1340. It’s an epic festival held in the Plaza de Glacis, including roller coasters, Ferris wheels, movies, games and of course typical food of the area. This event can be combined with the view to a Christmas market in any European country, such as the Christmas festival of San Marino.

With so many to choose from cultural festivals, explore the continent and feel like a local rather as part of the celebration of European cultural diversity.

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