Villány Rosé Marathon

At this one-day festival, the attraction is not only the colorful costumed parade, during which points are awarded  for the creativity of costumes, but also the stands and tents where you can try such disparate attractions such as Hookah or water-pipe smoking, sports including a climbing wall, and of course plenty of opportunities to taste and sample a wide range of the highest quality rosé wines.

For over a decade, the Rosé Festival in Villány has been a highlight of the summer, drawing in thousands of visitors annually. This lively event offers everything a festival enthusiast could desire, featuring vibrant, youthful programs that embody the essence of rosé.

Each evening, the festival grounds come alive with an array of concerts, showcasing top-tier musicians and bands who are sure to create an electrifying atmosphere. Gastronomy enthusiasts will not be disappointed at the Villány Rosé Festival. A diverse selection of culinary delights is available, with local producers and restaurants serving up dishes that perfectly complement the exquisite flavors of rosé wines.

A standout feature of the festival is the Rosé Marathon, a fun-filled 3 km run that winds through the town, passing by the historic cellar row. Participants are encouraged to don their pinkest outfits and most cheerful accessories, making for a colorful and joyful event.

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