Come for the Nature, Stay for the Culture

In between the beach, hiking and indulging in the culinary traditions of Croatia and Slovenia, there are one-of-a-kind museums, vibrant events and incredible festivals to take in too. So plan accordingly – or just extend your stay.

Museums From the Quirky to the World-Changing

Great art museums aside, let’s look at some unique places.

The Museum of Broken Relationships is one of the more curious galleries you’re likely to see. Dedicated to lost love, the exhibits are personal items donated by former lovers alongside the story of their romance.

In the Museum of Illusions, each room is full of brain busters, mind melters and all-around disorienting experiences that will delight the whole family. This Zagreb original is now the world’s fastest-growing, privately owned museum chain.

If you’re enjoying the modern world, you can thank Nikola Tesla whose genius and inventions continue to shape it. Dive deeper at the Nikola Tesla Memorial Centre in his hometown of Smiljan.

On the banks of the Danube River, at the Vučedol Culture Museum, learn about a society that started before the Egyptian Pyramids were built – in the very place they lived.

In eastern Slovenia, sitting on Sobota Lake is the visually arresting EXPANO pavilion. A modern museum that introduces you to every inch of Slovenia’s northeast; past and present. After working up an appetite with a VR flight that takes you sky high and a 3D journey through history, taste the traditional delicacies from the Pomurje region.

The Noordung Centre, dedicated to the visionary space technology work of Herman Potočnik Noordung, who fathered the idea of a space station, is full of scientific wonder.

Back on earth, in a secluded Slovenian gorge rests the Franja Partisan Hospital is a symbol of international alliance and WWII resistance against Nazism and Fascism. The best equipped of the secret Partisan hospitals, Franja is on UNESCO’s Tentative List of World Heritage.

On a lighter note, how about some festivals to liven the mood?

Festivals for All Ages and Interests

Every summer, the hottest electronic music acts head to Split for Ultra Europe, an epic 3-day festival that always sells out fast.

For a more family-friendly option, head to Zagreb in December for a magical holiday season you won’t soon forget. Voted the best Christmas market in Europe 3 years in a row, Advent takes over the entire capital.

Ljubljana also puts on a phenomenal Advent Christmas market that’s well worth a visit.

For cultural immersion, the Festival of St. Blaise, the patron saint of Dubrovnik, is a must. Started back in 972 and taking place on February 2nd and 3rd, the UNESCO-listed festival starts with a dramatic release of doves followed by costumed parades and ends with a citywide celebration.

Also on the UNESCO list is Kurentovanje, a festival that’s considered one of Slovenia’s main cultural events. A carnival parade filled with a whimsical cast of traditional folk characters but centered around the Kurent who chases away winter and invites in spring.

Why not go for a trifecta of UNESCO events? The Idrija Lace Festival in June celebrates Slovenia’s intricate bobbin lacemaking heritage. On top of the lace exhibitions, the summer fest is filled with concerts, street food and workshops for all ages.

We’re Only Getting Started!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Festivals and events span the entire calendar in Slovenia and Croatia and we only scratched the surface of the hundreds of museums you can visit. When planning your vacation, leave ample time to explore.

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