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Bulgaria protects its nature well in national parks, where the climate and diverse landscapes combine uniquely across the country.

For nature lovers, Bulgaria is the place to go. The traditional hospitality of kind Bulgarians is best sensed in the rural villages. Here you’ll feel a warm welcome, taste authentic, traditionally prepared dishes, and stay in original Bulgarian village houses.

Organic food cultivation is a time-honored process here. Every guest in the village can have breakfast with fresh milk and homemade pastry. Fruits and vegetables used in preparing meals are carefully selected from the host’s own garden.


Rose-picking in the Valley of Roses is a spectacular ritual in a festive atmosphere. Over 80% of Bulgaria’s entire rose oil production occurs in the Karlovo and Kazanlak regions. Harvesting and rose oil preparation happens in May and June when the rose blossoms must be picked early in the morning before the sun evaporates the dew drops on them.


Weaving is one of Bulgaria’s most distinctive Bulgarian crafts, known and developed since the ancient Thracian times. The tradition has been passed on from one generation to another, with young girls learning the skills from their mothers and grandmothers. Every craftsperson added a little something of themselves to their creations, making them unique. The towns of Chiprovtsi and Kotel are famous for their excellent weavers and beautifully colored carpets. Chiprovtsi carpets have been listed as UNESCO World Non-Material Cultural Heritage since 2014.


Beautiful hand-painted crockery is another icon of Bulgarian culture. Pottery has been produced here since ancient times; almost every Bulgarian town and village had its own potters who created beautiful products. The decorations are diverse and form an important feature of Bulgarian folklore traditions, which vary in every region of the country.


Woodcarving, another traditional Bulgarian craft, was compulsory in old Bulgarian houses. It was used to decorate furniture, ceilings, and the carved iconostasis found in every Orthodox church.

Wine and Cuisine

Wine production has over a thousand-year-long tradition in Bulgaria. The Thracians, who lived here in ancient times, worshipped the gods Zagreus and Dionysius and used wine in their religious rituals. Nowadays, Bulgaria proudly produces fine-quality wines, some of which are made from indigenous grape varieties, impressing wine connoisseurs worldwide.

Hot springs

The healing power of mineral hot spring waters has been recognized since the time of the Thracians, who were renowned as healers. “The Holy Springs of Thrace” were famous throughout the Roman Empire. The hot spring with the highest temperature is Sapareva Banya (103ºС), also the only geyser in Bulgaria and Continental Europe.

Visit Bulgaria and enjoy the magnificence of our four Bulgarian seasons – flowery-scented spring, hot and sunny summer, golden, fruit-bearing autumn, and snowy winter!

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