Tolminc Cheese

Tolminc is a full-fat hard cheese which can be produced either from fresh or thermally processed cow’s milk. The start of cheese production in Posočje coincided with the emergence of pasturing culture in the highland mountains at the time when the making of cheese was the only known milk preserving method. Cheese was mentioned in records as a means of payment in the 13th century, when it was used to pay duties to the then lords. Its quality was widely contributed to by different master cheese makers who, at the end of the 19th century, regularly visited the Tolminsko area and taught current cheese-making technologies to the locals in the framework of the Gorizia Farmers’ Society. Tolminc cheese has evolved throughout the centuries, remaining a part of the Upper Posočje tradition and culture to this day.

The taste and aroma are finally defined during the maturing process, but the forming process starts in the milk. Tolminc cheese can be matured at the room temperature. The process lasts from two months to one year.

Source: Tolmin Municipality


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