The best places for women in Budapest

Hungary is known to be safe, peaceful and easy to travel around. Female tourists can feel totally comfortable, even traveling alone.

While the city never sleeps, there’s no reason to take see it all in a rush. If you take your time, you’ll learn and experience more of Budapest and its intricacies.

Walking down the Duna Corso, the riverside section on the Pest side in the central area of the city, has so much to offer. Listed as UNESCO World Heritage, this area has some of the most notable landmarks in the city, and a great view of the Castle District and the Chain Bridge.

If you’re up for another leisurely stroll along the Danube, head out to see the National Theater and its sibling cultural institution, the Müpa. This stretch of the riverside is very peaceful, with few people, but does offer a grand view of the river and the theater building.

The City Park is a favorite destination in Budapest for a relaxed stroll. People picnic or play ball when the entire area is green and covered in flowers. In warmer weather it’s enough to make you forget that you’re right in the middle of a major city.

Whether you’re a fan of contemporary art or want to become familiar with it and are seeking truly progressive exhibitions featuring the latest artists and current trends, you’ll want to check out one of the following galleries: The National Gallery is a very good example and is home to the largest public collection of fine art in Hungary; Műcsarnok on Hősök Tere hosts exhibitions of contemporary arts; and the Museum of Fine Arts features exhibitions of international and Hungarian artists.

If all you really want is a coffee, visit one of our famous cafés! The New York Café, founded in 1894, has a special place in the line of legendary coffee houses, and it has managed to survive beyond the heyday of cafés. Although the venue still housed a café after World War II, it was only restored to its original splendor in 2006. You should also check out the Gerbeaud, Centrál, Művész and Hadik.

After coffee, it’s time for a visit to one of Budapest’s thermal baths. No other capital in the world has more hot-water springs. Whether for rehabilitation or recreation, it’s worth devoting some time to discover the city’s thermal baths. No visit to Budapest can be complete without a visit to one of its spas. They seem like pages from history books coming to life.

Budapest continued to use nature’s gifts shrewdly: several reputable baths were built in the 19th century. They have been renovated one by one over recent years.  The beneficial effects of the springs are available at 14 different spas. Additionally, this capital city of 1.8 million offers the bustling scene of a real metropolis coupled with a range of wonderful architectural creations from various periods of history, impressive panoramic views of the Danube, and a lively cultural scene.

Delight in the view from Buda castle in Budapest
Delight in the view from Buda castle in Budapest, © Visit Hungary.

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