Salon du Chocolat

The Salon du Chocolat is the not-to-be-missed event for those who share a passion for chocolate. Each year it attracts thousands of visitors (130,000 at its last edition) that find 20,000 square metres of exhibition space dedicated to chocolate and confectionary that will delight even the sweetest palates. Over 200 chefs and pastry chefs from France and all over the world, as well as 250 international exhibitors (France, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Switzerland, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cote d’Ivoire, Sao Tome & Principe…) meet in Paris in order to celebrate the magic of chocolate, and partake in activities from the long program of events.

Cocoa experts, iconic brands, artisans, historians, authors, pastry chefs … will all share their experience at the event to enlighten visitors about the symbolism of chocolate and its regressive dimension, and all through a lot of exciting activities: chocolate demonstrations, pastry and chocolate shows, conferences, pastry courses…

One of the highlights at the Salon is the famous Chocolate Fashion Show, a unique idea that combines the finest fashion designers and the most talented chocolatiers to create exceptional couture masterpieces.

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