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Roasted Hen Turkey

  1. Flame the hen turkey, wash it and put a sprig of sage and salt inside it.
  2. Cover it with slices of lard, then put it into a baking tin with a bit of butter and extra virgin olive oil.
  3. Put it in the oven (medium heat) and halfway through cooking, moisten it with pomegranate sauce.
  4. Fry lightly the chopped onions in a pan with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, then add the chopped and moistened hen turkey’s bladders with the sauce of another pomegranate.
  5. When the paeta is ready, serve it cut in pieces and moistened with pomegranate sauce and seeds.


Source: Archivio Consorzio Vicenzaè


Linz Tart

Anyone engaging in a serious search for the true origin of the Linzer Torte soon finds him or herself travelling between Egypt, Verona and Milwaukee in the American state of Wisconsin. The oldest recorded tart recipe in the world which was written down by a countess in Verona is to be found today in the monastery library in Admont and even became popular in America during the mid-19th century. A cake-maker who moved to Linz in 1822 used the recipe to create the “Linzer Masse”, which was the basis for the grandiose Linz tart. Today it is the culinary emblem of the capital city of Upper Austria.


Serbian Pork Stew

Leskovac took its name long ago from its famed hazelnut woods, lešnik being the Serbian word for hazelnut. Today it is better know for its red peppers. The people of Leskovac speak a dialect of Serbian which preserves many features of the Old Church Slavonic language and even many Serbs find the local difficult to understand. Ajvar is known throughout the land and beyond as the name for a preparation of roast peppers, preserved in jars for use throughout the winter. Leskovac is also known for its fantastic barbecue meats: you’ll probably arrive in the town by car or bus, but once there you must try the Leskovac Train;(leskovački voz), an assortment of grilled meats which arrive at the table one after another like wagons. Nor should you overlook Leskovačka Mućkalica, a spicy medley of peppers and grilled meats, much prized among gourmets for its spicy flavour.


  • 1 hen turkey (2,5 kg)
  • 20 g of sage
  • 100 g of lard
  • 3 pomegranate
  • 50 g of onion
  • 75 g of butter
  • 1,5 dl of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt and black pepper

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