Get to know Košice, the digital city of art

Explore the city through augmented reality in an invisible hotel. See captivating street art by renowned artists. Witness the mesmerizing multimedia floating fountain that brings your own artwork to life. In Košice, proudly a UNESCO Creative City, your creative potential is unlimited. 

Slovakia‘s second-largest city in the eastern part of the country is where imagination thrives. Visit Košice in the autumn to enjoy the vibrant Art & Tech Days festival. It’s a haven for creatives: innovative entrepreneurs, forward-thinking futurists, visionary designers, and curious researchers. Here they share bold approaches, cutting-edge discoveries, and current technology, art, and design trends. Join them for inspiring talks, engaging workshops, and a rich variety of audio-visual displays and interactive installations. 

Amazing White Night  

Ready to immerse yourself in nightlife teeming with art? Note your calendar for October and prepare to be blown away by the Nuit Blanche/White Night festival, its dazzling spirit and multimedia floating fountain in City Park. Watch fascinating short films projected onto a water curtain, then design your own artwork on the website. It uses cutting-edge AI technology to synchronize the flow of water with your favorite music. 

A run that will leave you breathless 

Don’t be surprised if you come across a naked bronze runner while exploring the streets — it’s a nod to the city’s history as home of the world’s third-oldest marathon. It has welcomed hundreds of elite distance runners since 1924. The route winds through the Old Town, so you can admire the palaces and burghers’ houses that accompany Slovakia’s largest sacred building: St Elizabeth’s Cathedral, built in 1508.

OMG! at the Invisible Hotel 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the city without leaving your bed? Look no further than the Invisible Hotel! This extraordinary place features five artistically designed rooms, each with a unique story, captivating visuals, and a different address. Spend a night in the room lined with prints of ducats, depicting Košice’s famous gold treasure. Immerse yourself in a live city panorama through augmented reality in the Media Art Room. Or would you rather try the room that effortlessly brings the audacious Open Mural Gallery (OMG) from the streets to your doorstep? A selection of tickets provided by the hotel will enhance your insider’s experience of the city.  

Meet the movie stars and chatty locals

For a vibrant mix of multimedia exhibitions and epic music concerts throughout the year, head to the Kunsthalle Košice. Every year in June, it hosts a well-known Art Film Festival, which attracts cinema lovers and movie stars from around the world. For a more mainstream night out, go to Tabačka Kulturfabrik. Located in a former tobacco factory, you can enjoy carefully selected music along with delicious cocktails and cuisine. 

There’s even more to make your stay in Košice unforgettable. Find more and start planning! 

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