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Folded Cake

Pour the boiling water into buckwheat flour and stir well. When cold add wheat flour, the risen yeast and warm milk, if necessary. Knead softer dough and let it rise. Put the dough in the greased baking pan using ladle or spoon. Thickly sprinkle with walnuts, drip with warm honey and cover with another layer of the dough. Repeat at least three times. The dough must be on top. Let the cake rise and bake it. Bake in the oven approx 60 minutes at 190º C.


Source: Janez Bogataj (2007): “Taste Slovenia”, National Geographic


Cauliflower Croquettes

Meatballs of various types are an integral part of Romanian cuisine and the word chiftea (pl. chiftele) (pronounced /kif-te-a/ – /kif-te-le/) is clearly an indication of their Turkish origin, the word being a corruption of the Turkish kofte and related to the Middle Eastern kafta. In the Moldavian region of Romania they are also commonly known as parjoale (/pur-joa-le/) although these seem to be a little larger in size than the standard Romanian chiftea. Due to the preference for pork in the Romanian diet, these meatballs are most commonly composed of pork, perhaps in combination with some beef. Lamb chiftele are quite rare in Romanian cuisine. These cauliflower croquettes have a moist, light interior and, if cooked right, a crispy coating. Cauliflower is more usually pickled in Romanian or the whole florets are battered and fried.


  • 0,5 kg buckwheat flour
  • 0,5 l boiling salted water
  • 0,5 kg wheat flour
  • 40 - 60 g yeast
  • 1 tablespoon sugar (for the yeast in milk)
  • milk, if necessary (1 – 2 dl)


  • 0,5 kg grounded walnuts
  • ¼ l honey

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