O Grove Seafood Festival

During the festival, thousands of portions are served at a frenetic pace from morning to night: seafood rice dishes, grilled razor clams, a la marinera clams, oysters, oven baked scallops …And to accompany the food, bagpipe music and folk dances are scheduled throughout the whole festival.
The gala event of the festival is the award ceremony for the Centollos de Oro (Golden Spider Crabs), four awards given by O Grove Town Council to individuals or institutions for their service to O Grove. 

As part of the luxury gastronomic offering that can be enjoyed in the town and the stands set up at the docks, O Grove also plans festivities with many attractions such as concerts by well known national performers and folk music groups, including the Habaneras Competition, folkloric performances, street performances and a “dornas” regatta.

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