Làctium Cheese Festival

Làctium Festival is divided into four areas:

  • Trade area

Làctium boasts a unique trade platform: The Plaça de la Catedral located in the heart of Vic and surrounded by medieval and Baroque architecture is a unique space, which turns into a huge marketplace for the world of dairy products and wine.

In this historic setting, the craft cheese makers and winemakers of Catalonia bring their products to the public. Among the historic and institutional buildings of Vic’s old quarter, visitors will find numerous services and information desks related to the world of dairy products: exhibitions, demonstration rooms, tastings, music, wine and cheese.

  • Professional area

The Làctium Festival brings together all the professionals who make up the value chain: the dairy cattle farmer, the craft producer, the large-scale producer, the designations of origin (DO), the distributor, the chef, the sommelier, the restaurateur, etc.

A craft cheese contest is also held as a part of the Lactium festival in which more than 150 cheeses take part in 14 different categories. They compete to win the gold, silver or bronze Lactium prize and special mention from fresh to blue cheeses.

  • Gastronomic area

Cheese and wine tastings are open to the visitors. Cheese and wine experts and lovers will give advice on cheeses and on how to combine them best with food and wine. The tasting marquee offers all the Lactium cheeses together with the ideal accompaniments such as a range of fruit, vegetables, bread and wines. Làctium Festival promotes companies and small producers that make quality products and use sustainable processes.

  • Area for kids

Activities for the young, and not so young, visitors:  a goat herding contest to have fun demonstrating their ability at this ancient and modern skill.


The unique spaces of Vic provide the scene for Lactium’s activities.  The Plaça de la Catedral is the location where everything takes place:

– Guided cheese and wine tastings

– Masterclasses on cooking with cheese

– Exhibitor space

– Cheese contest

– Wine tasting

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