Beyond the paths in the world of biking

37,000 km of cycling paths cross the Netherlands. This capacity alone makes it the ultimate cycling destination, but cycling is more than just an iconic mode of transportation for the Dutch. Keep reading and you’ll see why.

As a nation with significantly more bicycles than inhabitants, the Netherlands is a global leader in cycling. Nowhere else will you find so many innovative and useful ideas related to cycling, always aimed at making the bicycle an even safer and more sustainable means of transport.

From scrap to chic

A social conscience, inventiveness, and sustainability generally go hand in hand, and Roetz Bikes in Amsterdam Noord is a shining example of this. Founded in 2011, this company offers training programs to people outside the labor force so they can become talented bicycle mechanics. That’s not all — every bicycle that Roetz designs recycles an old bike frame that would otherwise have ended up on the scrap heap. These frames are completely refurbished and transformed into chic Trend-Bikes — so old becomes new again.

Ambassadors for a good cause

The Dutch Cycling Embassy, a globally unique non-profit organization, was set up by the Dutch government. Its main goal is to share Dutch expertise as the cycling country par excellence with the rest of the world and to promote the bicycle as an efficient and sustainable means of transport. The Dutch cycling tradition goes back centuries and today offers the largest range of innovation, products, and infrastructure.

The Dutch Cycling Embassy with Dutch experts to consult and collaborate on research, planning, politics, product development, and construction. You can even see examples of the Dutch Cycling Embassy in action in US cities such as Austin and Washington, DC.

Ultimate cycling city    

Utrecht is one of the most progressive cities in the world in terms of cycling and boasts the world’s largest indoor bicycle parking facility, with space for at least 12,500 bicycles! It’s no wonder that the Tour de France and the Vuelta were once held here. Utrecht is very centrally located and is a perfect base for an extended cycling holiday. Fun fact: Utrecht even has a bicycle mayor.

If you’re planning a cycling trip in the Netherlands, it’s easy to bring your bike with you as you travel from place to place. You can bring it on the train, for example, or transport it on the back of your (electric) car, and then spend your vacation cycling around the entire country. The Netherlands is a relatively small country and it’s possible to travel from one side to the other in a full day on your bike. An added bonus is that the majority of accommodation options happily cater to cyclists.

All this and more make the Netherlands the ultimate cycling destination, because at the end of the day, it comes down to more than just miles of cycle paths. It’s about a whole lifestyle, and the Dutch have mastered it.

Embrace the cycling lifestyle on your visit to the Netherlands!
Embrace the cycling lifestyle on your visit to the Netherlands!

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