Kalamata Dance Festival

The Kalamata Dance Festival is synonymous with the flourishing of contemporary dance in Greece. From 1995 to the present day, it provides the public with works dedicated to the poetry of the human body, hosting creators who are writing the very history of contemporary dance.

For us, dance is an absolute necessity.We want to share with all audiences works created by bold, genuine, restless, and enduring creators from a variety of backgrounds and fields.

The performances we host are meant to inspire and galvanise the public into creating a communal life of values and meaning.

For us, the human body is a means of expressing mystery, possibilities, conscience, feelings, genius, senses, fears, trials and failures, hopes, and dreams. We cannot separate it from its historical, cultural, political, and social context, and so we stand in awe of its evolution and try to take on all the challenges that it is going through in our time.

The ever hospitable Mediterranean city of Kalamata has been our native land since 1995. It has been a generous home to this festival, which is open for the whole world to enjoy and be a part of.

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