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Estonia: the country with it all

One of the things that brings me the greatest joy in life is hiking. Wherever I go, I seek out the best mountain paths, hilly passages, and lakeside trails where I can feel the connection with nature I always desire. For the hiker—and general lover of nature—that I am, Estonia felt like the country with it all! Its scenic coastlines with the rugged surf stretching out as far as the eye can reach, its vast mountainous areas, and its crystal-clear lakes make it the perfect place for the #NaturallyCurious traveler.

One of the most important things for me when it comes to traveling is doing it in a responsible, sustainable way. Part of appreciating nature is ensuring its survival long into the future. That’s why I was really excited that Estonia’s Soomaa National Park, which you should absolutely visit, actively promotes sustainable tourism through the scheme European Destinations of Excellence, also known as EDEN. So, if you want to travel in a responsible way that cuts your carbon footprint, consider this lovely land filled with lush trees, blooming flowers, and serene views.

Do you want to explore more of this unique place? Check out below the images shared by Merit Boeijkens, a local tourist guide, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook for more pictures like these!

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