Cherry Festival

Don’t miss the following events, which are a part of the festival:

Cherry Cycling Marathon
More than 1,000 cycling enthusiast participate in this event starting in Ljubljana and finishing in Brda.

Hike from a cherry tree to a cherry tree
Together with the experts on the Brda region, the participants “conquer” the Brda hills. The route winds its way through villages, vineyards and orchards full of cherries.

Wine Day
Numerous winemakers open the doors to their wine cellars. They will show the heart of their wine cellar and impress you with high-quality wines. They will share experiences with wine connoisseurs and give valuable tips about the art of winemaking.

Cherry Queen Pageant
The flattering title Cherry Queen goes to a likeable, resourceful and creative girl who keeps the Brda region close to her heart and will proudly and courageously promote it at tourist events at home and abroad.

Traditional Parade
The central part of the Cherry Festival is the traditional parade of country carts. With them the inhabitants of Brda try to present the rural life and customs and habits of the Brda region.

Traditional Brda Wedding
The traditional Brda wedding found its place in the Cherry Festival in 2012. After several months of events, the winning couple promised each other the eternal love in a unique and unforgettable way. The newlyweds got married according to traditional Brda customs and habits, in costumes and in a ceremony with ethnological elements characteristic for Brda weddings between 1920 and 1930.

New Village Chain Events
This year, Brda’s villages have interconnected through a series of captivating events, celebrating the region’s rich heritage and the iconic royal Brda cherry. Each village showcases its unique character and stories, inviting visitors to experience the essence of Brda from every perspective.

Complimentary Transport and Activities
Explore these vibrant village events with ease, thanks to organized, free bus transfers. Enjoy a weekend filled with local crafts, culinary delights, artistic expressions, and workshops, all while relishing the abundance of cherries available throughout the festival.

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