Exploring the country as small as a city

The Netherlands is the perfect destination for all different types of travelers, and for the solo female traveler, there are many things about the country that make it a great European choice. After all, in a country almost as small as a city, there is so much to explore, easily.

No matter what your interests are, the Netherlands has it all, from cycling to the coast, to spending a day on the water or immersing yourself in world-class art. Whether you are interested in the modern metropolises, historic cities, or picturesque villages, you can do it all in the Netherlands since the distances between cities is minimal and travel time rarely exceeds two hours (and is often much shorter!).




Ease of Train Travel

As a solo traveler, getting from point to point can often be stressful, but it won’t be in the Netherlands. When you combine the size of the Netherlands with the excellent rail network available, you realize the great opportunities for a solo female traveler, because unlike other larger European countries, you can reach the other side of the country within two hours. Traveling between major cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague takes even less time. A train ride from Utrecht to Amsterdam is under 30 minutes, and from Amsterdam to The Hague takes under one hour. There are also high-speed trains; for example, you can get directly from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Rotterdam in 25 minutes.

While on board, your train travel will be very comfortable, safe, and reliable. Seats are spacious, train schedule and route information are readily available, and most trains offer free Wi-Fi and charging stations. Of course, if you need any help during your train travels, English is widely spoken throughout the country, so just ask for help!

Cycling Around

Of course, no trip to the Netherlands is complete without immersing yourself in the cycling lifestyle, whether it’s biking yourself or learning more about how cycling is part of Dutch DNA. As a solo female traveler, if either coffee or biking is of interest, then a visit to Lola Bikes + Coffee in The Hague is a must. It’s a coffee/cycling club that puts an emphasis on women, to make them feel more comfortable in the culture of cycling and make it more accessible. Half of the cycling club consists of women, in fact!

The Dutch do as much by bike as possible, and it’s a great way for a solo traveler to explore the Netherlands’ many stories. From the extensive cycling routes available, to the safety of biking, and considering the sustainability aspect of it, you will really look and feel like a local if you hop on a bike.

All these reasons and more make the Netherlands a desirable location for solo female travelers, and once you arrive, you will realize how much you can explore in the country as small as a city!

Cycle like a local in the Netherlands
Cycle like a local in the Netherlands, © National Beeldbank.

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