Cheese Festival of Gruyères

Alongside cheeses from all over Switzerland and elsewhere, our regional prairie and alpine cheeses will be showcased in the Gruyère Guild production chalet.
Thanks to the Gruyère Guild production chalet, young and old alike will have the pleasure of discovering the stages of a Gruyère AOP production over a wood fire.

The Fribourg cooperative of cheese producers will promote their produce on its stand with tastings of alpine cheese fondue (half and half and vacherin).
The Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP and the Gruyère AOP are of course the stars of the event! Besides La Gruyère, the Valais, Graubünden, Appenzell, Uri, Savoy and Corsica will also be present with their respective specialties.

Not to miss:
– Demonstration of the production of Gruyère AOP
– Tasting of alpine fondue
– Demonstration of a wheelwright craftsman.

The event is all about conviviality, discovering produce from Switzerland and elsewhere and tasting regional delicacies. At each stand, a new cheese, a new taste, a new produce is presented.

From the entrance of Gruyères, the aroma of cheese hovers in the air; not only from the numerous cheese stands, but also from the restaurants that offer traditional cheese dishes.

In addition to the shops in Gruyères where there is a vast choice of souvenirs, a dozen regional artisans will show their work: wooden spoons, embroidery, wood painting, woodturning and many others.

For a festive and traditional atmosphere, country music, Alpine horns and flag thrower will animate throughout the day. Visitors will be guided in the typical world of La Gruyère, the place of origin of Le Gruyère AOP cheese.

Source: La Gruyère Tourisme

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