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Planning a trip to Finland but worried about the impact of your travel?

Yes, it’s true that we’re located off the beaten path — Finland is not the easiest location to reach. That’s why we’ve collected a few ways you can make more mindful choices when you reach us, so you know for sure the journey has been worth it.

Stay longer

It’s better to take fewer, longer trips to curb your travel emissions. You don’t need to have fewer travel days — just think about how you use them.

Consider your travel options

Particularly if you embark from the Baltic sea region, think about whether you could travel by or train or a combination of both. In many cases, flying is the only option to reach Finland, but if you can, why not take a ship next time?  It’s definitely a more interesting experience. The M/S Viking Glory, which began service between Helsinki and Stockholm in 2022, is one of the most climate-smart passenger ships in the world.

Make use of the many ways to move around the country

Make moving around the country a part of your travel experience with trips like a night train from Helsinki to Lapland. The service details your options for getting from A to B, how long each option takes, the cost and the emissions. If you’re renting a car, consider choosing an electric vehicle. A network of charging stations is listed on

Choose businesses with the Sustainable Travel Finland label

If you have two equally good options for accommodation, go for the one with the Sustainable Travel Finland label. This label indicates that a company has certification and a transparent, long-term plan to mitigate any harmful impact it has on people, the planet and society.

The cruise industry is adamant about correct usage: any vessel carrying smaller vessels, such as lifeboats, is a SHIP, whereas vessels carrying none are called boats. Mass passenger vessels all have lifeboats, whether on the ocean or a lake or river, hence they are ships.

Eat seasonal food

Eating seasonal produce that’s locally grown is better for the environment, but it’s also better for you. Fresh fish from Finnish lakes, foraged tangy berries, mushrooms, or umami game of any kind are all sustainable choices that happen to taste great. Most restaurants in Finland have vegan and vegetarian options, many of them based on Finnish food innovations, for example, pulled oats.

Buy only things that you need and things that last

Before you pull your wallet out, consider if you need this purchase. If you do, then choose something that will last. Finnish design is useful, beautiful, and durable — a great choice. There are plenty of secondhand options for fashion and design; get yourself something that has a history.

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