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Need a break from reality? Slovakia, in the heart of Europe, is where you can immerse yourself in the magical world of J K Rowling, enjoy a thrilling night in a 400-year-old manor house, or have a romantic dinner among the clouds at a dizzying height of 2,634 meters (8,600+ feet.) sea level. Let’s start!

In Slovakia, you never know what you’re going to get, but it’s sure to delight your senses. Take advantage of the many attractions packed into its small area, head to the capital Bratislava, hop on a train or rent a car, and light that flame for new adventures! If you’re a huge Harry Potter fan and wish you could attend Hogwarts, check out Čavoj near Trenčín. Find a beautiful tree house in the Strážov Hills with unique features such as a giant wooden staircase, a pointed roof, and Arthur Weasley’s flying car. The attention to detail includes a sleeping Dumbledore, photographs from the Daily Prophet, and a golden snitch to catch. With Hedwig at your side, you’ll be up to no good!

How about a night in a centuries-old mansion full of ghostly tales? Take an expedition to Jelšava in the Gemer region, once the prosperous iron heart of the Hungarian Empire. Here lies a 400-year-old Coburg mansion, an architectural pearl with building styles from the Renaissance to the socialist era. Entering this “micro-hotel”, you become part of a unique project to save this precious monument. Experience its raw, unadorned beauty by staying in one of the three glazed cells set directly into the unrestored interior. Get ready for the most adventurous sleepover of your life! There are rumors of strange things happening at night within the walls, which have a slightly dark history….

For a different tone, visit 12 medieval churches in the region, all awarded the prestigious European Heritage Label by the European Commission in 2022. Just follow the brown and white signs of the Gothic Route. See medieval murals painted in true fresco technique – thanks to Italian artists who taught local craftsmen – such as those in the impressive 13th-century three-nave basilica in Štítnik. Trust us, these churches are worth the detour. Take photos for Instagram-worthy posts!

Want to awe your partner and take your relationship to new heights? Vist Lomnický peak in the High Tatras. An iconic cable car from Skalnaté Pleso will take you to the top in just nine minutes and give you a breathtaking view of the clouds. The Dedo Café, at 2634 meters, is the perfect place to satisfy your hunger with rich coffee and delicious pastries. Fancy a stay in one of the two rooms and a gourmet, 4-course dinner by candlelight? GEO Saison, a prestigious travel magazine, recommends this experience – and with good reason. The starry sky is like an ever-changing canvas, each star adding a stroke of beauty and wonder. Catch this marvelous view from your cozy room with a genuine mountain atmosphere surrounded by majestic peaks.

Travel to Slovakia and discover all its wonders!

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