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Lucky to visit Luxembourg

It’s no coincidence that people who return from Luxembourg regularly call it one of the most stunning places in the world. With castles dotting the landscape, medieval bridges crossing clear rivers, and hearty, delicious food around just about every corner, it’s hard to be surprised!

I certainly had that reaction to this lovely, if small, country in the heart of Europe! What were some of the experiences that stuck with me after my trip? The Bock Fortress, which legend tells us has long been a meeting place for witches who fly their brooms to this spot to brew magic potions. The supernatural aside, Bock has long served an essential historical role, including as shelter to some thirty-five thousand people during the Second World War.

What else should you seek out on a trip to Luxembourg? I suggest: explore the Grand Ducal Palace and the Lëtzebuerg City Museum, catch a performance at the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra, and watch the sunset from the Passerelle Bridge. Happy travelling!

How to get the best tips on Luxembourg? An interview with a local travel blogger of course. Watch the video below and get to know Paulina.

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