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Asparagus Panna Cotta

  1. Soak the sheets of gelatine in cold water for 10 minutes and stew the asparagus for 7 minutes.
  2. With Minipimer blender or traditional blender, reduce the asparagus in cream, taking care to remove any solid residue. Place in a saucepan the cream, sugar and asparagus cream.
  3. Heat the mixture, squeeze and add the sheets of gelatin, blending until they are completely dissolved.
  4. Bring to the boiling point, then turn off the heat and let it cool down for about 30 minutes at room-temperature.
  5. Pour the mixture into individual ramekins and put in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours.
  6. Transfer the cream into bowls and garnish with the asparagus tips.


Source: Piemonte Terra del Gusto


Ghent Waterzooi

Waterzooi is a classic stew of Flanders. Its name is Dutch, ‘zooien’ meaning ‘to boil’. It is sometimes called Gentse Waterzooi (in Dutch) which refers to the city of Ghent. The original recipe is made of fish, either freshwater or sea, though today chicken waterzooi is more common. The most accepted theory is that rivers of Ghent became too polluted and the fish disappeared. The stew is made of the fish or chicken, vegetables including carrots, leeks and potatoes, herbs, eggs, cream and butter and usually serbed as a soup with a baquette to sop up the liquid.


Wachau Apricot Dumplings

The apricot dumpling, or Marillenknödel, is emblematic for the Wachau region. And it is also a clear illustration of how the Austrian people are open to other cultures. This delicacy combines what is originally a Chinese fruit (the apricot) with a plant from Polynesia (sugar) and an Upper Austrian idea for preparing food (the dumpling). Moreover, the EU certification of controlled origin “Wachauer Marille g.U.” guarantees that these fruits belong to the best of their species.


  • Ingredients for 6 persons:
  • 500 ml of cream
  • 60 grams of sugar
  • 2 sheets of gelatin
  • 150 grams of boiled asparagus

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