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Luxembourg is a country in the heart of Europe where the distances are short, and the impressions are great. Luxembourg City is a cosmopolitan, laid-back capital ideal for experiencing culture, history, and a quality way of life in beautiful surroundings. Once one of Europe’s mightiest fortresses, the ruins around which the modern capital is built offer a fascinating glimpse into its past: stroll around the UNESCO old town and delve into the Casemates, a maze of crisscrossing underground galleries carved into the enormous rock. The free nationwide public transport network invites visitors to easily discover the country’s capital and its five regions beyond. From Guttland, the garden of the capital to the red landscapes of the industrial south, to the peaceful, tree-lined Upper-Sûre Lake in the north. Going east, to the rocky cliffs and waterfalls of the Mullerthal lead down to the rows of vineyards stretching along the Moselle River along to the iconic wine village Schengen. Discover the only Grand Duchy in the world for yourself!

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