Relaxing walks and rides in the garden of the city

It doesn’t always have to be the colorful tourist hustle and bustle with lots of sights to admire in the shortest possible time. It’s often the small places and quiet moments that make a trip worthwhile and, above all, relaxing. Small Luxembourg offers calm and quiet aplenty.

Take a deep breath in the countryside of Guttland, a green paradise. On gently rolling paths between lush green meadows let your mind wander and enjoy nature, cultural heritage, and tranquility. Follow these paths leisurely on foot or by bicycle, seeing many attractive scenic and historical landmarks. Find castle and palace romance in the Valley of the Seven Castles. Buildings from different eras invite you to dream yourself back to times gone by. Explore the beautiful gardens at the new Ansembourg Castle. White statues alternate with bulging roses, herbs, fruit and vegetables, and many mighty trees provide shade. There are many slow trips to choose from, to the country’s smallest village or to meet regional producers.

Hiking on certain paths can also be slow tourism – it’s not always about tearing at a fast pace. The Guttland Trails are particularly suitable for mindful and leisurely routes. These trails, between five and twelve kilometers long, are ideal for exploring new places and unwinding simultaneously. They lead through untouched forests and meadows, past remote rock formations, mysterious streams, and small lakes, and offer breathtaking views. Some of these paths hold special legends and tales. Keep your eyes and ears open on the way!

Do you like to cycle? Cycle paths in Guttland are designed for leisure; it’s all about an easy pace here. They also often lead beyond the border and completely carefree, allowing you to discover other regions and neighboring countries. The family-run Green & Breakfast rural guesthouse is an ideal spot to stay for wellness, bike rentals, and home cooking. You can certainly eat well in Luxembourg, and there’s no shortage of chefs prioritizing quality products and seasonal cuisine with flair. The Move We Carry service transports your luggage from one accommodation to the next, so you can cycle or hike unencumbered. If fatigue strikes, use Luxembourg’s free public transport to your destination, a welcome and comfortable experience.

Mindful moments can also be found throughout Luxembourg, beyond Guttland. In the many nature parks and nature reserves around the country, connect to the beautiful natural environment – and yourself. Even in the cities and towns, much of their allure lies in their tranquility. Feel inspiration and silence in the Abbey of Echternach, Luxembourg’s oldest town. Relish the many green spaces and oases of tranquility in the capital, Luxembourg City. The former Neumünster Abbey, now a cultural center, with its beautiful gardens along the Alzette River and the backdrop of the ancient fortress walls are truly places of power. Arrive, breathe deeply, feel good: this is how you can enjoy slow travel in Luxembourg.

Relish a wholesome stay at Green & Breakfast, complete with wellness facilities, bike rentals and home-cooking
Relish a wholesome stay at Green & Breakfast, complete with wellness facilities, bike rentals and home-cooking, © | LFT.

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