El destino es la música

Europe has always maintained a thriving music scene, from classical times to the present. Discover the origins of Britpop, Scandinavian dance music and traditional Irish music. In addition, no extraordinary European summer music festivals miss.

Thanks to the Beatles, Abbey Road has Become One of The most popular destinations in London

The sun never set on the former British Empire. Today, you can not turn on the radio without hearing a British song. From the Beatles to One Direction, British stars have been stoking the airwaves with rock and roll. Do not settle with just hear the songs, go and discover the Fab Four come from Liverpool. Visit the Beatles Museum to see old footage and other memorabilia of the band. Be sure to cross the street at Abbey Road in London and let your friends and family capture the moment with the camera. After visiting England, trip to Prague, capital of the Czech Republic to make their mark on the wall of John Lennon.

Make your mark in Prague, on the famous John Lennon wall

Another European group that has shaken the world has been ABBA . All Dancing Queen fans will have to visit Stockholm to make a pilgrimage to the ABBA Museum. This is only a permanent part of the Hall of Fame of the Swedish Music. After seeing new videos of concerts and special outfits visit other exhibitions to learn more about Swedish music.

The ABBA Museum offers a unique look at the history of one of the Most Influential bands in Sweden.

Ireland is also home to some great rock stars. But to be more precise about the great soundtracks idea to have come from Ireland, you must visit a pub to listen to some traditional Irish music. This popular music helped inspire bands and artists such as U2 and Thin Lizzy.

In Europe there are also large summer music festivals. In late June, camping in Glastonbury, Somerset (England), and early July, during the day to attend the famous Festival of San Fermin, with the bulls running through the streets in Pamplona (Spain) and the Later take the bus to Bilbao to attend the Festival BBKLive. The Eurockéennes Festival in France is also an ideal place to spend a sleepless night around a beautiful lake with artists and contemporary music.

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