Europe has almost countless castles and palaces, of all sizes, and all with an interesting history. The choice is rich: look for adjacent chapels, fortresses, and gardens to explore, too.
Many former royal abodes are now art and history museums and host festivals and historic reenactments; others lie in mysterious ruins. Some are still inhabited by royals or noble families! Others have become luxurious hotels. Guided tours and children’s programming abound, so the past is made accessible to everyone. You can also wander freely, imagining days gone by.

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Three Royal Legends That Will Draw You to Europe

Castles are gorgeous, but when they are linked to stories of the past, they will last in your memories for a lifetime.

Castles in Europe That Still Rule

Travel back to the Middle Ages with this photo gallery of the most breathtaking castles that still stand in Europe.

6 Stunning Palaces in Europe

Explore some of the grandest of Europe’s palaces in this breathtaking photo gallery.

A royal story of Slovakia

Visit a castle superpower in the heart of Europe!

Discover royal Denmark

Are you looking for a Bridgerton experience?

Sintra: a royal retreat

Journey through the history of Portugal!

Seto Kingdom Day

A uniquely Estonian royal celebration!

Diocletian’s Palace

Croatia’s living museum!

Royal residences in Poland

A right regal tour!

The Grand Duke is in town

Venture inside Luxembourg’s Grand-Ducal Palace.

By Royal Appointment

Three perfect cities for discovering the magical royal secrets!

Explore royal Czechia

Delve into a history full of royal splendor!

Royal Cyprus

A historic wedding!

Majestic Masterpieces Galore

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts reopens!

An experience to remember!

Peace and harmony in Serbia’s Royal Compound!

A journey back in time

Germany’s endless array of castles and palaces.

Regal Netherlands

Discover the royal side of the Netherlands!

The mighty seven

Castles in historical Slovenian cities!

Royal Ireland

Explore Ireland’s regal roots!

Swiss Traditions & Museums

Highest density of museums in Switzerland.

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