Wine Festival in Szeged

It is a large-scale festival, at the beginning of the tourist season. The Gastroyard offering delicious dishes, the delightful folk art products and the artisans’ masterpieces of the Bridge Fair, the concerts and family events all provide a memorable experience.

There are 10 festival locations. The traditional center of the festival is the Széchenyi square. Wine Festival in Szeged also offers a legendary Bridge Fair which is a large market with handcrafted goods on the bridge of Szeged. The location called “Dóm téri Kavalkád” has an unique music selection. Beside the traditional festival areas called Treasure Square, Gastro Courtyard and National Wine Marathon, this year an awesome Dragonboat Championship and a City Marathon will be organized. 

At the second largest Wine Festival all of the wine-producing regions are represented and Széchenyi Square becomes populated by smaller and larger wine producers. During the ten days of the Wine Festival several tens of thousands taste the best wines of Hungary, enjoying a lively atmosphere with their friends or family.

They can choose from red, white, rosé, champagne, fruit wine, taste a fiery, full-bodied cabernet or a light, fragrant hárslevelű (linden leaf) under the blooming linden trees. Clink glasses at the Szeged Wine Festival in mid-May. Enjoy your drink!

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