A Stress-free Way to See the Continent

Post-retirement is an excellent time to go see the world, as you’re less likely to have pressing engagements and can spend more time at your destination. Europe is a great option for seniors as many of the top destinations are not too far from each other cutting down on travel time, while still providing an exciting and enriching travel experience. It’s also relatively easy to find a tour group that goes to the specific destinations you want to see in Europe, and travel in comfort at the same time.

Be sure to make time in your schedule to relax, travelling in Europe doesn’t have to be all about sightseeing.

Many different touring groups that cater to seniors exist and can be a great way to see a portion of Europe without worrying about arranging transportation or planning an itinerary. Often times these tours will include things like meals, accommodations and even flights. The tours take many different forms and lengths, some combining plane and bus travel, others taking place on riverboats or cruise ships. Do some research to find a tour group that goes to the destinations you’ve always wanted to see.


The world famous tulip fields in the Netherlands are a must-see in the springtime.

Many cruise companies are strictly riverboat cruises, but they can still offer a good selection of many different destinations and attractions. Some companies also offer small ship cruises for places like Greece and other regions of the Mediterranean, where something larger than a riverboat is needed to traverse the sea. Also many companies have bus tours for covering smaller regions on the mainland.

Take in the sights at some of Budapest´s best viewpoints.

Think about what countries you want to see in Europe, as this can help determine your method of travel. For example, if you’d like to see the countries on the Mediterranean like Spain, France, Italy and Greece, you might want to consider taking a conventional cruise. Or if you’re interested in some the countries along the Rhine like the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland a riverboat cruise is perfect for you. If the countries you would like to visit are not very close to each other Like the U.K. and Italy, your best bet is a combination plane and bus tour.

While the big landmarks are always impressive, there are many other wonders of the world to be seen while touring Europe as a senior. If you’re visiting Europe in spring, you absolutely have to visit the Netherlands while its tulips and other flowers are in bloom. The best place to see them is Keukenhof, a massive garden dedicated to some 800 varieties of tulip, with over 7 million bulbs being planted each spring. The park itself is beautiful, with 80 acres of curated landscaping.

Things to consider before traveling

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Some tips to consider while traveling

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