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Did you know that Slovakia is a spa powerhouse? Rarely in Europe are found such high-quality medicinal waters and spa facilities with a centuries-old tradition and history as in Slovakia. 

Enjoy the mud in Piešťany 

Piešťany is one of the most famous spa towns in the world and is even called the cradle of world balneology. Piešťany spa island, where healing waters spring forth, is a unique place that was loved by Napoleonic soldiers and Arab sheikhs even before the spa was built here in the 18th century. The dominant feature of the spa is the majestic, Art Nouveau building of the five-star hotel Thermia Palace, where you can see a four-meter work of the world-famous Czech painter Alfons Mucha in the restaurant. He dedicated the painting to the spa as thanks for the recovery of his daughter Jaroslava. The world-famous painter visited the spa often and liked it; he was not the only famous person to stay there.  

What makes the spa in Piešťany so special? A unique, sulphurous mud is gathered from the bottom of the river Váh, which flows through Piešťany, that cannot be found anywhere else in the world! It contains 20 strains of sulfur bacteria and is one of the most important peloids ever. Sulfuric mud and water are used to treat inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system diseases.  

Try water and gold in Turčianske Teplice 

Legend says that King Sigismund of Luxembourg was cured of lameness in Turčianske Teplice water, and that this water helped him live to a great age. It is also said that the ruler didn’t take off his golden crown even during a bath, and this combination of gold and water contributed to his rapid recovery. That is why today a unique procedure is offered: Golden Spa, during which pieces of gold are placed on your body and face, which in combination with healing water has a beneficial and rejuvenating effect.  

 The local, extremely high-quality medicinal water helps with problems of the locomotor system, and urological problems, but also with convalescence after oncological diseases. Among other famous historical figures who have visited the spa in Turčianske Teplice are Maximilian of Habsburg and Elizabeth of Bavaria, known as Sissi. At the site of the original royal spring are the truly noble, five-star Hotel Royal Palace and its balneological center, Royal Bath. There you will find a luxurious mosaic pool, into which thermal healing water springs directly from the ground. It is situated in an iconic tower with a blue dome, which represents the Golden Spa Turčianske Teplice. 

You can visit both spas relatively easily, using either Vienna or Bratislava airport. You can reach Piešťany comfortably by highway from Bratislava (it’s about 100 km). Turčianske Teplice is 217 km from the capital. 

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