Recreation at national parks and resorts

Poland’s natural environment is perfect for different sports and recreation year-round. Backpacking, aquatic, winter, equestrian and cycling, and even extreme sports are only some of the possibilities. The modern infrastructure for these activities is constantly developing;  accommodation and restaurants on offer combine active recreation with comfortable sleeping conditions and fine food. Add in legendary Polish hospitality and outstanding cultural attractions found in nearly every corner of the country, and you have an ideal recipe for a slow travel tour.

Polish national parks – perfect for Slow Travel

Fancy a walk along the dunes by the sea or a hike in the mountains? A little birdwatching, an encounter with a bison, or perhaps kayaking in pristine nature? You can find these attractions and many more in 23 highly diverse national parks in Poland.

From the sea to the mountains, areas of particular natural beauty are protected as national parks. These are great places for tourists to spend relaxing time in any season of the year. More than 150 educational trails and nearly 3700 km of hiking trails have been laid out in these reserves.

The beauty of nature, unique species of animals, and places shrouded in legend and tales are only a few of the attractions for visitors to Polish national parks. They’re quite a treat both for nature lovers and those who enjoy active holidays.

Gołdap – Mazurski Zdrój, winner of the EDEN Award and member of Cittaslow

When enjoying slow travel in Poland, a must-see is the area of Gołdap, located in the far northeastern corner of the country. It won Best Destination from the European EDEN competition in the Health and Wellness Tourism category in 2019. The town combines several different assets: It is the only resort in the region and offers therapeutic mud baths and a healthy microclimate, and is also the town with the cleanest air in the whole country, rapidly developing tourism, a recreation center,  and is a member of the elite Cittaslow association.

Gołdap boasts perfect conditions for relaxation and recreation the whole year round. In winter, lighted cross-country skiing trails are available near Zdrojowy Park, while at Piękna Góra there are artificially snow-enhanced, lighted downhill trails, a rotating cafe at the top, chair and T-bar lifts, a bobsled track, and a rope park. In summer, see bison in the Puszcza Borecka forest and take part in a bloodless safari to see hundreds of wild animals. While you’re at it, head out to Rapa to see the pyramid-shaped tombstone and to Stańczyki to climb to the top of the tallest arcade bridges in Poland. Further attractions are the mysterious Puszcza Romnicka and Kumiecie forests, dotted with fortifications from the Second World War.

Gołdap resort is also a perfect active tourism destination, with 260 km of marked cycling trails, 80 km of which are part of the Green Velo network, and 140 km of hiking and educational trails in the Puszcza Romnicka forest.

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