Spend the day in nature and the night in luxury

If the words “slow travel” have you thinking of roughing it in a tent, think again. In Estonia, you can travel slowly and spend the night in luxury.

Trekking the Baltic Coastal Trail

Estonia has nearly 3,800 kilometers of coastline. Hiking is arguably the best way to explore its uncrowded beaches, bays, and inlets. For an unparalleled chance to immerse yourself in Estonia’s coastal heritage, hop on the Baltic Coastal Trail. This international hiking trail connects Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia via their shared Baltic Sea coastline. The route runs along hiking trails, beaches, roadways, and sidewalks. It’s well-marked, with accommodations and provisions available along the way.

The stretch from the Latvian border to Tallinn takes about 30 days to complete, but it’s possible to break it up into smaller sections depending on the length of your holiday. If you’re in good shape, you could finish in less time when hiking during the summer. Long days mean youll run out of energy long before you run out of daylight!

Camping is definitely an option for budget-minded hikers — pack a tent and pitch it along the way. But after a day of hiking, you may want to relax in a sauna and curl up in a comfortable bed.

Here are two options for a weekend trek on the Baltic Coastal Trail without having to spend the night in a tent:

Hike #1: historic Haapsalu and the homeland of Estonia’s coastal Swedes

Friday—Take a bus from Tallinn to Haapsalu. Spend the day walking around town. Visit Haapsalu Castle. Eat dinner at the historic Haapsalu Kuursaal. Spend the night at Hestia Hotel Haapsalu Spa. After breakfast, the next morning, pick up some easy-to-carry breakfast foods for Sunday morning and catch the bus to Riguldi Manor.

Saturday—Hike to Rooslepa and check into the mirrored cabin at ÖÖD Hotel Rooslepa. Stroll over to Dirham Fish Cafe for dinner and a phenomenal evening sky. Grab provisions, if necessary. Heat up the sauna and relax your muscles.

Sunday—Hike to Nõva. Go for a swim. Catch an evening bus back to Tallinn.


Hike #2: Arvo Pärt’s inspirational forest and a luxurious Manor home

Friday—Take a bus from Tallinn to the village of Kersalu. Hike to Laulasmaa. Spend the night at Hotel LaSpa, relax in their sauna center, and have dinner at MICHELIN-listed Wicca.

Saturday—Today’s hike is a bit shorter to give you a chance to visit the Arvo Pärt Centre before leaving Laulasmaa. They have a cafe if you need to grab lunch or a snack before heading out. Hike to Keila-Joa. Wander around the waterfall and stroll over the suspension bridges. Check into Schloss Falls boutique hotel. Draw a bath and relax in the gorgeously renovated rooms at this old manor home.

Sunday—Hike to Suurupi. Climb up the lighthouse and go for a swim before catching the bus back to Tallinn. (But if you’re not ready to go home yet, keep hiking! You can spend the night at ÖÖD Hötels Rannamõisa.)

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