Strawberry Festival

The annual Strawberry Festival is a must for strawberry lovers. A constant supply of freshly picked strawberries will be on sale throughout the day, ferried regularly to the square by the farmers themselves. A wide variety of desserts, snacks and beverages will be available in our open air kitchen, all made with fresh Imgarr strawberries. Professional chefs will also be preparing novelty strawberry based gourmet dishes such as ravioli and a non-alcoholic cocktail bar. Home made strawberry wine, jams, conserves and other typical products will also be on sale. Souvenirs, artworks and crafts will be exhibited by the craftsmen themselves. A second open air kitchen will be offering typical Maltese dishes.

Folk and ethnic music performed by leading Maltese artists using traditional instruments, and folk dance troupes from all around Malta and Gozo, will provide fitting entertainment for this unique celebration of Maltese agricultural heritage.

© 2024 Steves&Co.
© 2024 Steves&Co.

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