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Visiting Romania, you will be delighted to discover a place alive with legends, myths and traditions that have been cherished for centuries. Life in the countryside has always been rich in folklore, with a great respect for nature and history, which are considered the very essence of Romanian culture.

Nine Romanian folkloric treasures are recognized as UNESCO intangible heritage: Mărţişor, a talisman with a red and white thread, offered as a present on the 1st of March; the Călușarii dance, believed to cure disease as well as spells cast by fairies, and to bring health and prosperity; doina song, a lyrical, solemn chant that will make you feel the Romanian soul; Lipizzan horse breeding traditions; the art of the traditional blouse (ia) with embroidery on the shoulder; traditional wall carpet craftsmanship; lads dance; caroling men’s group; and the craftsmanship of Horezu ceramics.

Traditional music is much appreciated in Romania. A famous festival is the Romanian Căluș, which takes place in June, in Caracal, continuing a tradition of over 50 years of celebrating the ancient dance of Călușari. In July, in Timișoara (European Capital of Culture in 2023) another long-standing festival, the Hearts’ Festival, takes place with folk groups from all over the world. Also in July, at the Maidens’ Fair on Mount Găina in the Apuseni Mountains, thousands of people meet to celebrate an old custom that used to take place here: wedding arrangements. Another special event is the parade of Brașov Juni (young men) on the first Sunday after Easter. Seven groups of Juni, each with their own costumes and customs, march from Șcheii Brașovului, an old neighborhood of Brașov, to the city center and then outside the city to a beautiful clearing where traditional dances are performed.

In 2022 Rășinari village was declared one of the Best Tourism Villages by the World Tourism Organization. The village is rich with folklore, especially its pastoral heritage. The play The Shepherd’s Wedding, performed for groups by request in Rășinari or at the Museum of Folk Traditional Civilization Astra from Sibiu, is a great example of a practice that unites people of different ages to revive an old pastoral wedding tradition. The Cheese and Brandy Festival in August brings together local producers, folkloric groups and singers, to the delight of the public.

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