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Polenta e Osei

  1. Put two leaves of sage on every thin slice of lard (both sides) and then put on the spit roast two pieces of ossocollo and six larks, alternating every piece with a slice of lard and so on.
  2. Turn on the fireplace and wait for about 15 min before laying the rods on the rotisserie, place the drip pan then moisten the spit roast with the extra virgin olive oil and go on with the low heat cooking.
  3. Wait for 30 min and  then remove the drip pan and sprinkle the spit roast with plenty of salt.
  4. Replace the drip pan and go on with the cooking for about 5-6 hours, moistening with a lot of extra virgin olive oil.
  5. Put the embers under the drip pan and fry lightly the polenta slices in the cooking oil.

Source: Archivio Consorzio Vicenzaè



Potato Dumplings with Sheep Cheese

The most typical Slovak national food is Bryndzové Halušky with bacon. This is made from potato dough mixed with a special kind of sheep cheese – „bryndza“ that tastes best in the so called cottages of shepherds or mountain chalets. The dish is topped by fried bacon lardons and some of the fat. Bryndzové halušky is best eaten with buttermilk or acidified milk. Slovakia can boast a remarkable world curiosity. Every year, in the mountain village of Turecká at the foot of the Veľká Fatra mountains, lovers of bryndzové halušky meet at the European championship for cooking and consuming of this dish.


Serbian Pork Stew

Leskovac took its name long ago from its famed hazelnut woods, lešnik being the Serbian word for hazelnut. Today it is better know for its red peppers. The people of Leskovac speak a dialect of Serbian which preserves many features of the Old Church Slavonic language and even many Serbs find the local difficult to understand. Ajvar is known throughout the land and beyond as the name for a preparation of roast peppers, preserved in jars for use throughout the winter. Leskovac is also known for its fantastic barbecue meats: you’ll probably arrive in the town by car or bus, but once there you must try the Leskovac Train;(leskovački voz), an assortment of grilled meats which arrive at the table one after another like wagons. Nor should you overlook Leskovačka Mućkalica, a spicy medley of peppers and grilled meats, much prized among gourmets for its spicy flavour.


  • 18 larks
  • 600 g of ossocollo divided in 6 parts
  • 24 thin slices of lard
  • 48 sage leaves
  • 24 slices of polenta di mais Marano
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt

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