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Step Back in Time in Mdina

In the heart of Malta stands one of the most perfectly preserved ancient walled cities: Mdina. What does it feel like to walk through its gates? From my experience, it feels like you’re being transported back in time, centuries in the past when kings vied for land on horseback. In fact, it felt as though I was in Kings Landing. Of course, this location is fictional, but it’s a good comparison! Mdina was once home to the noble families of Malta, those men and women who descended from the Norman, Sicilian, and Spanish overlords and ruled the Mdina starting as far back as the 12th century.

Aside from all the remarkable history, what was my favorite part of the Mdina? The ability to see a mix of medieval and baroque architecture and get lost in an atmosphere that felt timeless. Want some inspiration that might very well draw you to this wonderful place?

Check out my interview with Silvia Debono, a local tourist guide, sharing her knowledge on Malta’s history and culture. Happy exploring!

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