Pohorje hides many beautiful corners that, with passion and love for trail running, contributed to the creation of Pohorje Ultra Trail. Recreational sports and humanitarian events, with a multi-year tradition, will be performed in 2020 in its 6th performance.

In version 6 you will encounter two brand new tracks – PUT 115K and PUT 70K and two already established PUT 35K and PUT 17K tracks. We will connect the areas of nine municipalities: Ruše, Maribor, Hoče-Slivnica, Slovenska Bistrica, Dravograd, Slovenj Gradec, Zrece, Ribnica na Pohorju and Lovrenc na Pohorju. In this way, we will show the runners the most beautiful areas and many wonderful natural sights of the mighty Pohorje.

Runners will enjoy magnificent views and views of the mighty beech and spruce forests, rapids of the Pohorje creeks, the myriad of springs and lakes, that you will find on every PUT route. A special experience will be running through the mystical Bistrica Vintgar, or the forest Šumik, or along the famous Lawrence and other lakes. You will be running between larger and smaller rock masses, created 16 million years ago from Pohorje granite, dressed in fresh, green moss. Runners have called one of these mystical places a “descent for the gods.”

You really shouldn’t, nor do you want to miss this race.

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