Öland’s Harvest Festival

The Öland’s Harvest Festival (Ölands Skördefest) is the most popular autumn festival in Sweden. First celebrated in 1997, it revives the ancient farmers tradition of celebrating Michaelmas; the end of the growing season, when the harvest has been collected and the animals have been taken to their stables for the winter. A large and widely celebrated Michaelmas feast followed these activities, while the newly harvested products were traded at Michaelmas markets.

The Festival aims to increase interest in visiting Öland Island all year round and is used as a springboard for exhibiting the island’s fine cuisine and introducing new food products and its rich culture.

The event’s gastronomic icon is the pumpkin.  Wherever you see the Festival’s symbol, a pumpkin on a stack of straw, people are invited in for a special art happening.

Öland’s Harvest Festival provides the perfect occasion to discover sunny Öland, a favourite holiday destination for Swedish families.

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