Mystery, enchantment and legend await

Bulgaria has fascinating history and traditions; walk in the footsteps of old Bulgaria and feel the unique and magical Bulgarian spirit. Here are the most breathtaking gems…

Belogradchik is a magical place in northwest Bulgaria where a mysterious fortress atop a rocky hill is surrounded by beautiful nature and offers a spectacular view. Many important events associated with the history of Bulgaria’s fight for freedom are related to the fortress, one of 99 other places featured in “Discover Bulgaria – 100 national tourist sites”.

History lovers will be mesmerized by Veliko Turnovo in central Bulgaria. It was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom for 208 years until the Ottomans conquered the country. Historical events and mystical legends abound, such as a well-preserved castle; artifacts; the Patriarchal Church; the Church of the Forty Holy Martyrs; the Monastery of Transformation; the archaeological museum; the Samodovska Charshia; Еyes of God cave; and the village of Arbansi.

Rila Monastery, founded by Saint John of Rila in the 10th century, is perched on Rila Mountain, one of the highest in the country. It is part of UNESCO World Heritage and one of the places you must see in Bulgaria. While there, visit the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary and Seven Lakes. It is one of Bulgaria’s most magical places, full of positive energy, legends, mysterious places, beautiful nature, and clean mountain air.

The Devil’s Bridge in Ardino, about two hours from Plovdiv, was built in the 16th century and is told in many intriguing legends. This is another must on your itinerary! Ardino is in southern Bulgaria near Kurdjali, which is important to Thracian history. Kurdjali is a mountain town in the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria’s most extensive mountainous area. Nowadays, it is home to the Muslim people of the Bulgarian nation.

Perperikon is an ancient, mysterious Thracian city known for the fire rituals that took place here. It is one of the largest megalithic archeological sites in the Balkans, found on a rocky hill near Kardzhali. Perperikon has a huge altar six feet in diameter; buildings; rooms; streets; water supply systems; and squares. It is one of Bulgaria’s little-known yet outstanding treasures, a heaven for cultural tourists. When you visit Kardzhali, see the Vishegrad fortress, the Mushrooms’ stone, Tatul pyramid and Eagle Rocks, a Thracian Complex.

Bulgaria has a fascinating history, beautiful nature, unique traditions and a lively spirit. The only way to enjoy Bulgaria’s surprising gems is to come and visit them. Plan your journey now, visit Bulgaria and feel the lure of mystical Bulgarian legends.

Delight in the intricate wall decorations at Rila monastery, Bulgaria
Delight in the intricate wall decorations at Rila Monastery, Bulgaria.

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