Madeira Wine Festival

The Wine Festival is one of Madeira’s many tourist attractions an event that pays tribute to this precious nectar and its undeniable socioeconomic significance. Taking place in the midst of the vintages (late August, early September), this event aims to recreate the old traditions of its locals, which were developed over centuries of labor in viticulture. The Madeira Wine Festival celebrations are a tribute to the effort involved in its production and at the same time serves to promote and to reaffirm Madeira Islands as a tourist destination of excellence overseas. This event has been commemorated since the late seventies. Nowadays these festivities begins in Funchal downtown area, and include the European Folklore Week, ornamentations, exhibitions, displays and live portrays depicting Madeira wine and the craft involved in its production, in addition to a diversity of concerts based on light music and traditional music shows.

From September,1st onwards, the city of Funchal, and especially the Avenida Arriaga pedestrian street, is filled with various adornments comprising several tools used in the art of viticulture (presses, casks, barrels, grape picking baskets, traditional means of transportation), Includes displays and re-enactments of the wine-making process in Madeira (grape pressing, reenactment of the regional craftsmen traditional customs), apart from the local gastronomy, the typical Madeira wine tastings and exhibitions on Madeira and regional handicrafts. Throughout the four days of this festival several concerts will be taking place with performances by local folklore and traditional Madeiran music groups apart from other music concerts by Madeira light Orchestra, The Wine Festival culminates on Sunday September 8th, with a bold agenda filled with lots of entertainment.


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