A deep taste of Swiss eating culture

According to the Global Innovation Index, Switzerland is the leading country in innovation – but we don’t gatekeep! We offer to share our knowledge, learning, and experiences with others, and we are even ready to spill our secrets… to some extent.

Visit Switzerland and attend one of the following workshops to learn more about Swiss eating culture or the secrets of watchmaking.

Creative Chocolate Workshop - Lausanne

If you love chocolate, you are in the right hands at Olivier Fuchs’ workshops. He is a master baker and a passionate chocolatier. At his chocolate factory in Lausanne, he produces high-quality creations with a very personal touch. He creates his products from an exquisite type of chocolate made from the finest cocoa beans. By taking one of his creative courses, you can have a go yourself. Let your imagination run free and create two tasty chocolate animal figures with help from the master.

If you are more interested in the process of how chocolate is made, the Suchard chocolate factory workshop in Neuchâtel is the experience for you! In the Choco emotionS workshop, Catherine Vallana brings the magic of Suchard’s chocolate artistry to life and makes it accessible to everyone.

Master Olivier Fuchs at work © Laurent Kaczor, Lausanne Tourisme
Master Olivier Fuchs at work, © Laurent Kaczor, Lausanne Tourisme.

Cheese Academy - Wildhaus

If we talk about Switzerland, we need to talk about cheese. Find out about cheese production and its secrets at this academy.

Participants are introduced to the secrets of cheesemaking during a three-hour workshop. Learn about milk and cheese and enjoy tasting the wide variety of cheeses. Under the guidance of an expert, you can produce your own cheeses to take home.

Swiss cheeses © Patrick Gueller, Switzerland Tourism
Tempting Swiss cheeses © Patrick Gueller, Switzerland Tourism.

“Taste the Waste” Food waste cooking course – Zurich

We all regularly ask ourselves, “Is this still edible, or does it belong in the garbage?” Whether it’s a yogurt past its best-by date or a sadly shriveled vegetable, conjuring up surprisingly tasty meals using leftovers and outdated products is possible with a little creativity. The difficulty is that the ingredients are always different; you have to invent anew every time. Learn how to use this challenge to your advantage and save not only food, but money!

Learn to avoid food waste and try new recipes; in the “Taste the Waste” cooking course in Zurich, where home cooks learn to cook creatively using leftovers and food waste for a more environmentally conscious and sustainable future. And delicious meals!

Food waste cooking course © this is us GmbH
Nothing goes to waste cooking course, © this is us GmbH.

Watchmaking course - Geneva

Geneva is the international capital of the art of luxury watchmaking. Where else, if not here, can visitors learn about fine watchmaking?

The watchmaker’s art is a closely guarded secret. In this workshop, you can enter the fascinating world of miniaturized mechanisms, the symbol of Swiss expertise worldwide, with the help of the master watchmaker who shares experience gained with the region’s foremost manufacturers. Using a screwdriver and tweezers for a few enthralling hours, you can become a watchmaker yourself and produce your own mechanical watch.

Watchmaking workshop ©
Delve into the fine detail of  Swiss watchmaking in a workshop, ©

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