Kravji Bal

The charm of the Bohinj valley has always been that undefined set back in time way of life, where every year in May alpine herdsmen still go in to the high mountain pastures to take care of the cattle, produce milk and cheese as they have done for centuries.

As the time goes by, before we even notice, the summer has come to an end and it is the time for the alpine herdsmen and their cattle to return from the mountains back into the valley. That is the time for THE FEAST OF THE YEAR organized by the enthusiastic locals. The event will take place on the 18th of September. The place to be for the feast will be at the Ukanc village, where we will have the opportunity to see the big “entry” of cows returning back from the mountain pastures followed by the gratitude speech of the elderly alpine herdsmen. The best looking cattle will be rewarded with a bouquet and accompanied by presentation of local dances, food and drinks.




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