Discover the country’s UNESCO jewels

Imagine what you can see at just four of Czechia’s 16 UNESCO-listed wonders: you can explore a mysterious church, the world’s most unique Jewish quarter, a magical garden, or the only truly “living” monument!

Zelená hora near Žďár nad Sázavou: Crack the Santini Code!

Five gates, five chapels, five altars and five stars: Unlock the secrets of Zelená hora near Žďár nad Sázavou The Church of St. John of Nepomuk is spectacularly original in a way that sets it apart in all of Europe. Designed by the architect Santini, this UNESCO monument is a must-visit for those who appreciate unique architecture and mysticism. It is adorned with symbols, enigmas, and tells the compelling story of St. John of Nepomuk, the Czech saint who met a tragic end in Prague.

Crack the Santini Code in Ždár nad Sázavou, Czech Republic
Crack the Santini Code in Ždár nad Sázavou, © Jaroslav Svoboda, CzechTourism.

Třebíč:  Where Jews and Christians Lived in Harmony

Prepare to be enchanted by Třebíč. At the heart of this historical gem is a remarkable Jewish quarter, the sole fully preserved one in Europe and the only Jewish monument listed by UNESCO outside of Israel.

Adding to Třebíč‘s individuality is the UNESCO-listed Romanesque-Gothic Basilica of St. Procopius, situated in close proximity to the Jewish quarter. It is only in Třebíč that Jews and Christians lived in peace for centuries! Read the story

Explore the labyrinth of narrow streets, visit the synagogues and perhaps browse in quaint, traditional shops.

Explore the labyrinth of narrow streets of the Jewish quarter in Třebíč , Czech Republic
Explore the labyrinth of narrow streets of the Jewish quarter in Třebíč, © Rozvoj Třebíčska.

Kladruby nad Vltavou: Ride Like the Queen of Denmark

Did you know that there’s only one living creature worldwide protected as a part of human heritage? These are the carriage horses bred in Kladruby nad Vltavou, at one of Europe’s oldest stud farms. The breeding practices and the stud farm, set in a unique landscape, has earned the recognition of UNESCO. Old Kladrubers proudly serve Denmark’s Queen as well as the Swedish mounted police. You can witness these majestic horses at Prague Castle.

Visit the magnificent four-legged beauties and explore the historic stud farm and the local chateau. For a truly special experience, why not book a carriage ride?

Visit a unique landscape of breeding horses in Kladruby nad Labem, Czech Republic
Visit a unique landscape of breeding horses in Kladruby nad Labem, © Pardubice Region.

Kroměříž: Flower and Art Therapy

Discover a treasure unlike any other in Europe: the Garden of Flowers in Kroměříž, a Baroque masterpiece of garden architecture. Marvel at the colonnade inspired by the Villa Pamphili in Rome or explore the summerhouse with Foucault’s pendulum proving the Earth’s rotation on its axis.

Equally breathtaking is the picture gallery in the Archbishop’s Chateau, Czechia’s second most important gallery. Admire works by Bruegel the Elder, Van Dyck, and manuscript scores by Mozart, Hayden, and Beethoven. Notably, Titian’s masterpiece, The Flaming Marsyas, shines in this collection.

The palace interiors have charmed many filmmakers, including those of the Oscar-winning movie Amadeus. Join a guided tour of the chateau to explore the what were used as movie sets or backdrops and taste sacramental wines from the Archbishop’s cellars. After the tour, take a stroll through the romantic Chateau Garden, the third UNESCO site of Kroměříž.

Take a stroll through the Flower Garden in Kroměříž, Czech Republic
Take a stroll through the Flower Garden in Kroměříž, © Kromeříž Unesco Flower Garden / CzechTourism.

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