Cangas Wine Route

Asturias is better known for its cider than its wine, however a small enclave maintains a centuries old tradition of viticulture and wine making going back to the Middle Ages and the foundation of the monasteries.

The mountainous countryside of western Asturias has led to special viticulture being developed on the extremely steep slopes of the region. The difficulties involved in caring for the vines, which has to be done almost entirely manually has led to it being named “heroic viticulture” as the effort required to maintain the tradition is heroic.

The wines have an extraordinary personality through the use of indigenous varieties of grape like Carrasquín, Alvarín, Mencía or Albillo and have been recognised and protected by the European Union with the Qualified Denomination of Origin (DOC) “Quality Wines of Cangas”.

In the Cangas Wine Route you can enjoy an unforgettable experience, stroll through the steep sloped vineyards during grape-picking in autumn, visit a family-owned wine cellar to see the wine-making process, discover the history and wine-making traditions in the Wine Museum and participate in a wine tasting to get to know the distinct varieties of wine.


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