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In the mood for a trip to Croatia? Think of exciting, unique museums and interesting exhibitions: besides educational exhibits such as those you’ll find at the Museum of Apoxyomen on Mali Lošinj and at the Nikola Tesla Memorial Centre in Smiljan, other interactive museums also stand out. In Vukovar is a museum of Vučedol culture which presents the area’s prehistory with contemporary means and shows how archaeological research was conducted there. As a newer museum, opened in 2013, it offers a variety of  content and interactive exhibitions. Similarly, the Museum of Krapina Neanderthals delves into the area’s prehistoric history.  

Interactive displays of optical illusions at the Museum of Illusions appeal to all ages. It has branches in Zagreb, Split, and Zadar and will soon arrive in Dubrovnik, and is the world’s largest chain of private museums. The Museum of Broken Relationships has grown into a global participatory project with a permanent exhibition in Zagreb. This peculiar collection dedicated to failed love relationships has become a worldwide phenomenon. It has also become one of the capital city’s biggest tourist attractions!   

The cutest museum in Croatia is in Zagreb’s center: on a sweet trip to the Chocolate Museum, you’ll learn about the history of this confection — and tasting it is essential! Zagreb is also home to a museum dedicated to the past decade, the Zagreb 80’s Museum. This interactive exhibition enables visitors to experience the past in a new way and also has an educational purpose; it reconstructs the everyday life of a typical Zagreb family. The Typhlological Museum is unique because it deals with the issues of people with disabilities, especially those with impaired vision. It has played an educational role for seventy years and has also become a museum that celebrates diversity. One of its remarkable features is undoubtedly the Dark Room, which raises awareness by providing as close an experience as possible to being visually impaired, and the impossibility of receiving information from the environment without using vision.  

The museum of old computer equipment, Peek and Poke in Rijeka, has quickly become one of the city’s most fascinating cultural attractions. More than 4000 exhibits related to Croatian and the world’s computer history are an excellent lure for guests from around the world. This interactive museum is one of five museums of old computer equipment in the world.  

An exciting event is this year’s 19th Night of Museums, which takes place on January 26, 2024, in over 100 museums nationwide, including national, regional, and local institutions. The event is notable for the massive number of museum visits it attracts, having exceeded 300,000 in one night. The wide range of museums offers something for everyone. Museums all over the country are happy to participate, as it allows them to show their collections and programs to the public. 

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