Bacon Festival

In northern Serbia, at the end of February, the Bacon Festival takes place.

The Bacon Festival takes place in the town of Kačarevo and for three days, the center of the village is filled with people, barbecue smoke and the smell of bacon.

It’s said that the festival was born in a “kavana” (local bistro) when a group of people started a quarrel about preparing good bacon and everyone claimed that their method was the best. In only two weeks, the first Slaninijada was celebrated, in order to organize a serious competition and tastings. Nowadays the Bacon Festival is a full gastronomic fair with lots of stands where visitors can buy meat at reduced prices.

Lots of delicacies and artisanal products are sold, such as homemade candies, chocolate, cookies and pastries, traditional regional cold meats made of pork, such as “Švargla”  (a kind of sausage made out of pork insides) or “Kavurma” (made out of fried pork or sheep insides) and many kinds of sausages and of course, bacon. People can also enjoy chef demonstrations, exhibitions and tasting of dishes, as well as folkloric performances and fireworks. The highlight of the festival, because of its long tradition, is the big competition to reward the best bacon.

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