8 reasons for women to visit Switzerland

1. Break the “glacier” ceiling in the birthplace of female mountaineering  

Following the first female ascent on record in the world –  Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest peak, in 1808 by 18-year-old Marie Paradis –  the next big feat was by British climber Lucy Walker, who, fueled by cake and champagne, made the first female ascent of the 14,692-ft Matterhorn above Zermatt in 1871. Two centuries later, women are still breaking records – such as forming the world’s longest all-female rope team, which climbed the 13,661-ft Breithorn in the summer of 2022.

2. An Alpine world within reach

Enjoy unlimited access to mountain peaks and hiking routes by train, bus, boat, or mountain railway with the Swiss Travel Pass. For those who prefer enjoying the mountain views comfortably seated, the panoramic trains will not disappoint.

3. Safe and carefree

Women can travel around Switzerland alone safely and  freely – provided that the usual safety precautions are observed. The country has one of the lowest crime rates of any industrialized nation, and one of the world’s best public transportation systems. Women can enjoy Swiss adventures just as much as men!

4. Enjoy variety in a small area

Sip a coffee in Zurich’s trendy Old Town in the morning, hike on Mount Pilatus in the afternoon, and savor the dolce vita in Lugano in the evening – all in a single day.

5. Clean and “Swisstainable”

Some may mock Switzerland’s reputation for cleanliness, but: what woman doesn’t appreciate clean public toilets and trash cans on almost every corner? Since the 19th century, Switzerland has been lauded for its pristine health resorts and unspoiled natural beauty. The Swiss are doing all they can to protect their enviable environment. Look for the Swisstainable logo on any hotel, restaurant, or railway.

6. Chat with friendly locals

Grüezi, Grüessech, Tag wohl, Bonjour, or Buongiorno? Switzerland is the perfect place for women who want to use their foreign language skills. On top of four national languages (French, Italian, German, and Romansh), each linguistic region has its own culture and dialects. Don’t worry; you can also get along perfectly well with English.

7. Four seasons, never-ending activities

Cold winters with ample snowfall in the mountains are ideal for sports like skiing and snowkiting. Spring is best for exploring cities – sit at a charming sidewalk café and gaze at parks in full bloom. In summer, return to the mountains and explore over 37,000 miles of hiking trails. Autumn dazzles: Speed through golden forests on a bike or enjoy the culinary delights of the harvest. Switzerland is enchanting at any time of year.

8.Women-only experiences

Women-only travel offers are increasingly popular. From hiking and mountaineering to e-biking, discover the Swiss mountains with a female guide and a group of like-minded women – the perfect experiences to include on your solo travels.

Breithorn, Switzerland
Women-only mountaineering experience on the Breithorn, © Switzerland Tourism.

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